“…For such is the divine will, that she should help in every kind of necessity.”

– Saint Basil the Great


While the history of Our Lady of the Prairies Foundation can be traced from its legal birth as an Act of the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1957, it is in essence, a personal story of faith and courage based on real life experiences. A vision of hope for what life can be, coupled with the strength to see it through.

The Foundation was envisioned by James (Jack) Peter Leier in 1956, but the seeds of its mission were sown in 1910, when his parents, Frank and Brigetta, with trust and determination, left their life in Odessa to homestead in Saskatchewan.



‘Dedicated to Nurturing Love and Compassion For all Creation’


‘A World in Which People Individually and Collectively, Through Their Prayers, Thoughts, Words and Actions,¬†Achieve Peace and Freedom’


‘Working in Community With Charitable Organizations to Support Spiritual, Social, Healing, Educational and Environmental Programs’